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Dr. Rakesh Sinha deconstructs success into 3 components which are simple and easy to grasp. As a mind management expert he helps you to become all you can become. His personal formula can help you to create a breakthrough for success. He shares secrets to success mastery. He discusses the fundamental principles of success that will help you achieve peak performance. He has been in the personal development field for more than two decades and has been engaging and inspiring audiences with messages of personal achievement. He has trained top CEO's, surgeons, entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, senior police officers, CBI officials and students from various management institutes. Rakesh Sinha's highly valued actionable and results oriented content along with his commanding engaging style has made him a favoured key note speaker to audiences of various sizes.

His seminars on personal transformation and peak performance are insightful, intelligent, educative and awe inspiring. Come, join him for a unique experience to achieve high effectiveness in your personal and professional life.